Zong 3G/4G Internet Packages 2018

On this page, we are going to discuss Zong 3G/4G Packages in detail. Let’s talk about the Zong 3G/4G, Zong is the most famous and popular network who provides the fastest as well as the best coverage through all over Pakistan. With its 4G internet speed, It became the fastest internet provider service in Pakistan. On this page, we are going to discuss the 3G/4G plans of Zong.

Internet Plans

Zong is the network who introduced the fastest internet in Pakistan. With its fast speed and better coverage, it got the attention of lots of users. Zong is the company of China, Zong 3G/4G Packages are introduced by this company. The China Mobile company introduced themselves in Pakistan in the year 2008 and has been a successful venture since then. The company is much more famous because of their low rate packages. The Zong is a largest 4G operator in the country as a result of ownership, research, and investment of China Mobile which is 4th largest telecom operator in the world. China Mobile has invested a great amount of $2.5 billion for the growth of Zong. The results of investment are really satisfying. Because of Zong fastest 4G internet, their users are increasing in a huge amount daily.

Zong 3G/4G Packages

Zong Daily Internet Packages

To activate these packages dial *6464# and choose your package and enjoy. This Network is becoming the best network of Pakistan in a short time and everyone is loving this network because of its speed and better coverage. Zong have best internet packages then other networks, Other Networks have Slow internet speed as well as no coverage. So, this is the reason that why Zong is liked most in Pakistan.

For those kinds of costumers who have to use internet for a day after a week or in a month then these Internet packages are best for him as well as. If you have some urgent documents and you need to submit them on time and you are in an area where you don’t have any network coverage then Zong and these packages will help you a lot. These internet packages include 100MBs in Daily Basic which is enough for browsing and Daily Data Max have 500MBs which is too good for browsing as well as for downloading small videos.

 Status  Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Daily  Daily Basic  Rs. 15 +Tax  100MB  1 Day
 Daily Data Max  Rs. 35 +Tax  500MB  1 Day

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

After those Daily internet packages, Zong introduced their best weekly packages Let’s have a look at them. Zong weekly packages are best for those kinds of people who need to use internet for more than 3 or more than 3 days. Weekly Lite packages contain 2GB volume which is good for browsing for the whole week. Super Weekly bundle contains 3 GB data volume which is best for browsing for the whole week. And Maga Weekly Offer contains 4GB volume which is better for browsing as well as downloading. I hope you will like those weekly bundles of Zong. Weekly have better packages as well as with good rates.

 Status  Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Weekly  Super Weekly  Rs. 100 +Tax  2GB  7 Days
 Mega Weekly Offer  Rs. 160+Tax  4GB  7 Days
 Super Weekly Plus  Rs. 130 +Tax  3000MB  7 Days

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Well, let’s talk about those premium users who had to use Zong internet for the whole month. Zong has most numbers of mobile internet users in Pakistan that’s why Zong gave some special offers for those kinds of costumers. let’s have a look at them, the Basic monthly bundle is for those kinds of costumers that need to use internet for very lite. So Zong Introduces the Mini bundle for these kinds of costumers with 150MBs for 30 days in just 50RS. on the second number, Zong came with another package of 500MBs in just 150 Rs for 30 Days. which is not too good for lite Monthly browsing but I can say its OK. On the Third number in this list is Premium package which gives 3Gbs internet volume in just 300 rupees for 30 days and on last for prepaid costumers Zong gave a premium package of 10GBs and including daily extra 1GB daily from 1 am to 9 am and this packages charges 600+ Tax. I can say this is the best packages for downloading and browsing. I hope you guys like these packages.

 Status  Bundle  Price  Volume  Validity
 Monthly  Monthly Mini 150  Rs. 50+Tax  150MB  30 Days
 Monthly Basic 500  Rs. 150+Tax  500MB  30 Days
 Monthly Premium 3GB  Rs. 300+Tax  3GB  30 Days
 Monthly Premium 10GB  Rs. 600+Tax  10GB +(1GB)1-9am/Daily  30 Days


Zong Time limit Packages

Zong Introduces some packages with time limits for those kinds of costumers who need to download something. Because Zongs cares for every person, So, let’s have a look at them. Zong gives 1GB volume from 4 am to 4 pm (for 12 Hours) in just Rs 12+ Tax which is good for browsing as well as downloading a Movie or few songs. After that Zong introduces another night package from 1 am to 9 am (for 8 hours) in just Rs 12+ Tax which includes 2 GB data and I can say that this package is good for downloading as well as a lot of browsing.

 Type  Price  Volume  Subscribe
 Zong Day Time (4am to 4pm)  Rs. 12 +Tax  1GB  SMS “dto” to 6464
 GN (1am to 9am)  Rs. 12 +Tax  2GB  SMS “gno” to 6464

if your package is expired then bundle rate is Re. 1/MB & will be charged as per the bundle expiry. If you use the internet without subscribing to any data bundle then the default rate is Rs.4+Tax/MB will be charged. I hope you guys like these packages and Please comment below if you liked this post and share this with your family and with your friends. Share this on WhatsApp, Instagram, and all other social networks.

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