Telenor Call Packages Rates and details

Telenor To Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Call Packages Rates and details are completely described on this page. And this page we are going to tell them in details But first, we will talk about Telenor. Telenor is the famous brand of Pakistan and this is a telecommunication service and this company is famous because read more

Ufone 3G Packages and Details

Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Packages and Details are given below in details but first, let’s talk about the company and details of Ufone. Ufone is famous because of its funny and creative ads and because of their funny ads they got many rewards like best ads of the year. It was the third mobile read more

Ufone to Ufone Call Packages

Ufone to Ufone Call Packages

UFONE is also a popular network of Pakistan. as it has thousand of users of its own. So to give its user a best telecommunication experience they are providing high quality call packages with HD calling and many thing more their are different packages according to the user requirement and budget read more

Telenor Value Added Services

Telenor Value Added Services

Telenor Djuice Prime Time Calling Offer:

Telenor introduces once again outstanding calling offer for all Djuice users with the name Telenor Djuice Prime Time Offer. You just need to subscribe this feature and avail almost unlimited phone calls on specific time on Telenor friends and family number. Subscription method method read more

Ufone Offers, Value Added Service

Ufone Value Added Service

Ufone Super Card Plus in Rs 599:

UFONE super card i think it is a good offer foe those peoples who have open budget and for those who want to live in comfort for a whole month with ease with subscribing to one packge to get every thing for a whole month here bellow are the information about it.

Ufone Value Added Service

How to buy Ufone Super Card Plus:

  • Costumer can buy it from the nearest shop.
  • They can also get gifts from Mobilink ULoad Service.


  • Subscriber will get 1200 calling minutes.
  • He will also get 200 minutes for calling on other network.
  • He will also get 1200 Sms for all local network.
  • He will also get 1200 Mbs 2G and 3G internet volume for using internet.
  • Also he will get 1200 Mbs for using Facebook, twitter whatsapp.


  • The price of Super Card Plus is RS 599 only.
  • To check the renaming resources dial *706#.

UFONE super card Family – How to subscribe card family:

This also just like Ufone super read more

Mobilink Offers And Value Added Services

Mobilink Value Added Services

Mobilink Jazz Brings Live Mobile TV Service:

Mobilink is always thinking of doing something innovative for its costumers.
Mobilink has rolled out mobile TV app. It is very unique and almost support
all the android and apple phone. It is very cheap way of watching TV.  It is like
portable TV. You can watch TV any time any where. read more

Mobilink to Mobilink Call Packages

mobilink To Mobilink Call Packages

Mobilink is giving out standing offers for calling services they are
providing non stop calling packages in very low rate and very compatible
service . High quality audio out put.  With 24 hours of courage.
So just move to Mobilink to enjoy the nonstop services.

mobilink To Mobilink Call Packages

Mobilink Jazz Call  Services:

Their read more

Telenor to Telenor Call Packages

Telenor To Telenor Call Packages

I can say that Telenor is also one of the biggest telecommunication company in
Pakistan it has thousand of hundred of user across Pakistan and they are also
Providing world-class facilities to their costumers. The are giving low rates and
high-quality voice call. Their rates are read more

Warid Sms Packages

Warid Sms Packages

Warid is one named telecommunication brand in mobile operators. They introduce itself on very small scale but now it become a power band. They introduce a simple package with very cheap rate for the subscriber so here all packages are under:

Warid Sms Packages

Daily Sms:

  • Through
read more